Planning a photography project

Planning a photography project.

Before taking any images on a shoot, it is good practice to research your subject matter and other photographers for inspiration before you go out and produce the images.

Whilst on the project you need to consider how you want the images to look and make sure you have the correct equipment with you.

In the first lecture on this module we looked at Henri Bresson, Martine Franke and Robert Dousneau to consider the three aspects, Juxtaposition, Visual Irony And the Decisive moment.

Juxtaposition is when you have subjects in front of objects to help provide a narrative in the image

Visual Irony is showing humour added into an image whether intentionally or unintentionally

Decisive Moment – when the shutter was pressed, was this at the right time?

For a project on this, we were given the hard task of trying to create an image of our own to include at least two of these points in an image. This proved harder than thought and made you slow down and think a lot more on the shot to think what does the image in the viewfinder actually cover?

the image i produced for this lesson is below

DSC_0007-23 x photojournalism principles weekly picture 1

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