movement and motion

Weekly picture 3 motion

to put motion or movement into a photo you need to be aware of the settings on your camera

this can be achieved in two ways, by having a slow shutter speed to blur objects in a photo or by having a very fast shutter speed to freeze the action

for blurring objects with a slow shutter speed you need to use a low ISO of 100 and a small aperture to stop as much light as possible from coming into the lens and camera, this can also be helped by using an ND filter to enable you to boost the length of the exposure

whilst shooting with fast shutter speeds it is likely unless in very strong light that you will have to use a high ISO of upto 1600 to enable use of a speed of 1/1000 of a second or more whilst using a large aperture though this can create a shallow depth of field and naturally place parts of the image out of focus.

my two images for this week are below, one using a slow shutter speed and the other using a fast shutter speed

DSC_0024 DSC_0033

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