Working in the studio

Things to consider when working in the studio.


  • Sometimes not the only person using the studio – be considerate (no food, drink, loud noise and take up too much room
  • Move away from the background
  • If space allows work in the centre of the studio
  • Light background separate from the subject
  • Set ISO to 100 and shutter speed to 1/160, adjust brightness with aperture(old cameras may be 1/60)
  • Unless using continuous lighting the shutter will not affect the brightness
  • Set white balance to FLASH
  • Experiment and practice
  • One effective picture may be the result of a whole day experimentation
  • Do not use the model bulb light to make the exposure.

Studio diagram on best working practice.

studio diagram

Also be aware of any Health & Safety issues

  • do not leave cables trailing – always use closest plug socket to the light unit
  • make sure the tripod and lighting stands are erected correctly
  • always position camera and lights over one leg of the stand or tripod to enable maximum stability
  • never use water near plug sockets
  • if using large items of equipment or the hoist for overhead lighting, ALWAYS get help and do not use alone.
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