Documenting a process from start to finish (taking an image on an SLR camera

The process of taking an image on an SLR camera

A 35mm SLR film camera is so called as it uses a single lens to both take and view the image through the viewfinder using a pentaprism and mirror in the camera, the mirror is a single reflex operation of up and down.

A 50mm standard lens is so called as this is the closest the camera will produce with a lens on as to what the human eye will see based on a 35mm exposure.

The actual size of the film is 36 x 24mm but uses 35mm of the film as the part the exposure will come out on.

The flow of an image being produced on this style of camera is as follows. :

  • Press shutter release
  • Aperture ring steps down to selected F stop for the image
  • Mirror flips up
  • Shutter opens
  • Film exposes
  • Shutter closes
  • Mirror flips down
  • Aperture ring returns to normal.

This is repeated until all exposures in the film have been used up, then you move on to the next step of developing the film

Film Camera Workingsslr_camera


Digital camera internal working

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