Developing a Film

to develop a fully used film the following steps should be taken

  1. set chemicals up in wet bench ready for use
  2. place items needed in film bag – spools, film opener, film, reels, developing chamber, scissors
  3. once items are in film bag, you open the film casing, and wind the film on to the reel by touch, this needs to be done in the bag to avoid “fogging” the film and rendering it useless after being in light untreated, place the reel onto a spool, and depening on the size of the chamber you are using add the other reels onto the spool, then close the lid.
  4. now the film is in a light tight container you can take out the chamber from the bag and dispose of any items you no longer need.
  5. pre wash the film with water for 4 minutes
  6. empty wash and add developer
  7. develop for time guide for film, adding or removing 20% for each stop over or under exposed to the ISO
  8. mix every 55 seconds for 5 seconds
  9. remove developer and wash for 4 mins again mixing every 55 seconds for 5 seconds
  10. remove wash and add fix
  11. fix for 5 minutes again mixing every 55 seconds
  12. remove fix
  13. add water and one drop of wetting agent into the chamber
  14. adgitiate 10 times, remove water and refil, mix for 20 times, remove water and refill, mix for 40 times then remove wash.
  15. place film into drying cabinet
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