planning photography project 4 – Portrait and Histogram part 2

Weekly picture 4 Histograms (power point presentation)

When planning a portrait shoot, the key differences between a pro and amatuer shoot is a pro will take control of the focus and the exposure, whereas an amatuer will not.

using a telephoto lens will give a more flattering look to the subject whilst if you use a wide angle lens unless you have the subject in the very centre of the image it will be a lot less flattering and due to the nature of the lens and barrel distortion, the subject will look distorted and not a very flattering look

the ideal lenses to use for portraiture imaging are:

APS-C sensor – 50-75mm focal length, or if using a prime lens then a 50mm lens is ideal

Full frame 35mm DSLR sensor – 75-100mm focal length or if using a prime lens then the 85mm lens is ideal.

you should also try to use the widest possible aperture when shooting portraits (F1.4-2.8) focussing on the eyes of the subject whilst also trying to get slightly above eye level with the subject so you are shooting slightly down on them to reduce the amount of nostril in the image.

to gain a dynamic looking image using ISO F stop and shutter speed, it is essential to have at least 2 of the settings as high or low as you can use them without under or over exposing and the other the opposite way.

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