Producing a contact sheet from negative images

Continuing on from Developing the film to produce negatives, the next step is to produce a test strip, then a contact sheet

to do this firstly you need to set the equipment up on the wet bench,




you also need photo sensitive paper (i use ilford 8×10)

firstly you arrange the negatives in order on a piece of PS paper underneath the enlarger, then follow the following times

expose for 5 seconds

cover a quarter

expose for further 5 seconds

cover 1/2

expose for 10 seconds

cover 3/4

expose for 20 seconds

this way each band on the test strip will give you an indication of the time needed to produce both a  finished contact strip and an approx time for elarging any images, as each segment on the paper is double the time developed as the previous segment

once you have exposed to the light as above, you place the paper into the developer for 2 minutes, then the wash for 1 minute and the fix for 2 minutes, after this place in a second wash for 20 mins then dry on the drying rack

to produce the contact sheet after the test sheet, you do the same as above except when exposing to the light, you use the test strip as a guide for the time you leave it to expose.

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