Medium Format – Hasselblad

  1. ensure slide is between camera body and back.
  2. take film carrier out of film back
  3. open film
  4. make sure you hold film tightly whilst putting into holder otherwise it will spring out and fog the film
  5. pull tab on film and place film around the holder and place tab in spool on opposite side
  6. wind film until arrow on film paper meets up with arrow on film holder
  7. place film back onto camera body
  8. wind film on until 1st exposure is in the counter window ready to use
  9. take photos using shutter speed and aperture rings that are located on the lens, it is also good practice to use the preview button on the lens to check your image will not be over or under exposed
  10. when film is fully used remove film back and wind film on until all on the one spool, remove from holder while holding film tight to stop it unrolling and fogging
  11. use sticky tab on end of film to secure roll until film is ready to develop.

developing the film

to develop a film it is essentially the same as when developing a 35mm film, all timings are the same process and chemicals used.  the only differences are detailed below.

  1.  place film, tank, spool and reel in film bag, no need for scissors or film opener.
  2. open sticker on film with finger or thumbnail
  3. unroll film completely from paper, seperate at end with tape
  4. fold tape over the end of the film
  5. roll film onto reel same as 35mm film
  6. process same as you would a 35mm film
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