Producing an image from a negative

Set Chemicals in wet bench – developer, wash, fix and fill cascade wash sink.

  1. place image in negative holder on the enlarger, shiny side up and upside down as due to the lenses the image will be reversed
  2. turn normal lighting off and work under red light conditions
  3. turn on lamp on the enlarger
  4. size and focus image using focussing wheel on left hand side of enlarger and using grain finder.
  5. position image onto easel underneath where you want image to be on photographic paper
  6. produce test strip as you would when printing a contact sheet (earlier in blog)
  7. choose exposure time from test strip
  8. place paper in easel
  9. expose image
  10. develop image.  developer 1 minute, wash 30 seconds, fix 2 minutes, cascade bath 20 minutes
  11. check exposure and if necessary change exposure time and contrast and repeat from step 1.
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