Reflective Practitioner – Final Images

These Images were all taken on a canon EOS 500 35mm  with Ilford FP5 film ISO400, Handheld and no tripod or filters



This Image is of Heaton Park Hall, Heaton Park, Manchester shot at a  shutter speed of 1/125 at F11, although the camera was set for ISO 200 film to bring out more of the shadows, printed on to 8×10 B&W photographic paper.

for this image I feel that i have managed to capture the image I was trying to make, concentrating the mood and weather of the day very well with the sky tones standing out against a dark disused building, and the drive up to it, however I should possibly have tried to make the image slightly lighter along the centre so more detail is visible on the main hall. for this I would have used dodge and burn practices in the dark room to do this.

from taking this image and the following, I have learned how to shoot correctly on film, develop it and print the image myself in a darkroom. To improve the image the only thing that would have helped is to have more time to be able to take various shots from the same spot at different times of day to find the optimum lighting conditions.


This image is of one of the Lions gaurding the front steps of the house at Heaton Park Hall as above,  this image was shot with the same camera and film but a shutter speed of 1/250 and F stop of around 7 due to it being a much shallower depth of field than the previous image.

For this image I was trying to focus on the lion by placing it centrally in the image and the lines of the steps leading to it going from the corner towards this. I felt this image came out well but if I was to retake the image I would liked the light to have been stronger to add more contrast to the shadows on the day, but being towards the end of the year sunlight tends to be weaker, I did not want to use flash due to trying to create a natural looking image and not harsh tones on the shadows and highlights due to flash reflection and bounce.

the image also reminds me of a shot Fay Godwin took of the lion outside Chatsworth House in Derbyshire




This image of Dunham Massey main hall (also known as Stamford Military Hospital) was shot at F11 and shutter speed of 1/100

for this I wanted to create an image with a deep depth of field using the driveway leading from the centre of the image to the hall to create a symetric look, I felt this did not work quite as well as I wanted due to getting my angles wrong with where i was situated to take the photo even though I was central to the door of the hall.   Looking to the back of the image the hall does appear central in the frame.  I particularly like the lack of detail in the sky and the deer on the left hand side to break up the blank space of the lawn. taking this into account I feel the image is possibly flatter than it could have been.

from this I learnt to check my image in the frame more before I press the shutter release.


This final image is of the watermill in the grounds of Dunham Massey shot at 1/100 and F11

I wanted to try and capture a nice contrasting image of the mill with the darkness of its windows and wheel arch.   I felt I have managed to capture this quite well as the image has come out in print with good contrast and a nice sharp image.

From this image I again learned how to use the darkroom in processing an image from the film onto paper.  I dont think anything went particularly badly whilst taking the shot, apart from waiting for a few minutes to get a brief time when nobody was in close proximity or caught in the viewfinder for the image.

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