Planning a photography project brief


The aim of this assignment is to provide you with a platform to demonstrate an understanding and

proficiency in the skills and techniques learned in the Planning a Photography Module lectures,

demonstrations and seminars


The theme for the practical assignment for this module is ‘Atmosphere of Place’.

You are encouraged to investigate and plan a first location shoot that has an intense or significant

atmosphere or mood for you. All places are an ever-evolving sum of their physical characteristics,

however it is felt by many that places have a ‘spirit’ or atmosphere.

The genre or theme of your photographs is your choice and can reflect your interests in terms of

photographic genre.

The practical core of this assignment involves repeated visits and shoots that should be shared in

progress seminars with your peers and staff.

A portfolio of 10 prints is required for submission along with an in depth blog section detailing the

evolution of your work.

Submission Instructions:

> Final practical outcomes adhering to individual brief guidelines

> 10 A4 prints approx. in an A4 print box

> Blog section detailing all module work, notes and material

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