Planning a photography project visit 1

For this project I have decided to do my shoots at Bolton Street Station on the East Lancs Railway as whenever I have been there the history of the line and the nostalgia of the steam can be felt.  I have gained permission from the station master to do this project there over the next ten weeks and as it is a non profit charitable organisation I have offered them use of my final images if they want to use them for any promotional work or as a set on their website.  Producing this set at this time of year should work well as along with being able to produce images when the station is open and seasonal events taking place, at the end of the shoot the famous locomotive, The Flying Scotsman will be running on the line after repairs are finished in the engine sheds just behind the station.

On this first shoot, it happened to be Lancashire weekend so the station was quite busy along with morris dancers from the Preston guild performing.

With this project and number of shoots i shall be trying to explain more on the history of the line and try and show the mood and feel of the station through the images.

Photos from the initial day of being on the platform and finding the optimum areas from which to shoot.

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