Photographer Research

Josef sudek, Prague – also known as the visual poet of Prague due to his descriptive photography

Always used Large Format cameras for his photography (12 x 16) even with disability in his hand.


Sudeks style embraced artistic traits of impressionism, surrealism and avant-garde movements into his photography as can be seen in the image below, using either a double or long exposure on the photograph creating a ghostly image of himself in the chair being watched over by the wooden figure.



John Blakemore  – Coventry, English documentary, landscape and still life photographer.

Discovered Photography whilst in the Royal Air Force serving in Libya whilst on national service

Completely Self taught photographer, world renowned landscape photographer and teacher since 1970’s

in his photograph – fragments of the garden, you can see eliments of impressionism in his work with a lack of contrasting blacks and whites and a seemingly flat image without varying midtones giving detail to the image, this can also be seen in some of his more recent work involving tulips.



Richard Caldicott – Liecester – England,  Abstract photographer.

Caldicotts work is completely different to the previous photographers mentioned in that his work is very abstract in its construction making the viewer think rather than narrate and visually describe the content. using both studio photography and dark room techniques creating photograms (images without a camera)

his images are very bold and use vibrant colours that contrast against each other very well as can be seen in his image “chance / fall” of a cloth on a hook


 Robert Mappelthorpe – USA

worked predominantley in black & white, very stylised in his shooting though mainly darker images still retained a good tonal range through the photograph.  Inspired by Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Cornell, started with a polaroid camera as felt more honest in his photography, introduced and refined different techniques and formats, including color 20″ x 24″ Polaroids, photogravures, platinum prints on paper and linen, Cibachrome and dye transfer color prints.  Also used Hasselblad medium format camera for his photography

Established his Foundation in 1988 the year before his death, to promote photography, support museums that exhibit photographic art, and to fund medical research in the fight against AIDS and HIV-related infection


Irving Penn – USA

Major fashion photographer for Vogue magazine, mainly Vibrant images, his “food” photographs for the magazine are a famous set.  As well as photographing the most famous models of his time also produced images of some of the most influential people of all time as well.

Irving Penns portait of Kate Moss in torn veil – Marrakech


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