Reflective Practioner Final Evaluations

“Elsa” and child
This image was taken at a High 5 charity night for disabled children, from taking this image I feel I have captured the character of both the child and of the model dressed up as Elsa from the film Frozen. If I was to retake this image I would use a higher ISO than what I have for the shot or possibly used flash to brighten the image as it looks under exposed once printed. From taking this photograph I have learnt how to control a model into the pose I wanted for the photograph

Andy Hopkins – The Enemy
This image taken whilst documenting the performance at the Ritz in Manchester for the band I think has come out very well if possibly slightly over exposed, however it does make the most of the lighting used on the stage to help with the exposure whilst producing the photograph. I am particularly pleased with how clear and detailed Andy’s face and hair appears in the image. As live event photography is my main genre of photography, I don’t feel I have learnt anything from producing this photograph as it is something I know usually approximate settings to use before a shoot even takes place apart from making sure my printer profile is set to the same as what I would see on screen.

Tom Clarke – The Enemy
This image of Tom was taken at the same concert as the photograph of Andy Hopkins, I produced this photograph with the intention of using black and white to just have an image with light and dark rather than colour. I feel this has worked well if a slight touch under exposed after printing, I do like the way I captured the photograph at the decisive moment as he is looking straight at my camera whilst I pressed the shutter button, as with the previous images the only thing I have learnt from this photograph is to make sure my printer settings are correct when printing the photographs out on to paper.

Pinhole Camera shot of Blackburn
With this image I wanted to experiment and try using alternative techniques to 35mm film so shot the image on my holga 120 film pinhole camera. With this camera you have to control the time the shutter is open by mentally counting how long you hold it open for depending on the ISO rating of the film along with how long you develop it for in the darkroom. I am quite pleased to have got an image onto film and paper using this technique as it is the first time I have used a pinhole camera to produce photographs. If I was to produce the image again I would use the same film and time but whilst in the darkroom printing the image onto paper, I would leave it to develop for a few more seconds to allow more black into the image due to it looking very flat and minimal detail. From taking this image I have learnt how to use different camera techniques and processing medium format film in the darkroom.

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