The Tableau

This refers to pictures or photographs where characters are arranged using dramatic effect so they are totally absorbed in the peice and not aware of the viewer.


artists who use this technique are such as William Hogarth, Eugene Decroix, Jeff Wall, Tom Hunter, Daesung Lee and Chris Nash


William Hogarth uses this in his series of paintings “modern moral series, Marriage a la mode”   in the painting “the marriage settlement it shows the subjects in conversation about the marriage of two children without any one of them looking towards the painter.

william hogarth  marriage a-la mode  1. the marriage settlement.jpg


Eugene Delacroix shows this in his painting “the lion Hunt” (1861)


Jeff Wall in hos photography has used this technique in his images especdially noticeable in his photograph titled “outburst”  (1989)


Tom Hunter – For Batter or Worse (from hell on earth series) 2004



Daesung Lee has used this too but in a more surreal way in his photography, as shown in this image below


Tom Hunter in his image Diana and Actaeon



Chris Nash uses this style in a minimal way creating dynamic images in his dance photography.






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