Research Methods

Research – comprises creative work on a systematic basis in order to increase stock of knowledge for yourself

Scientific research – a systemaitc way of gathering date, a harnessing of curiosity

The word “research” comes from the french Recherge – To seek.


Methods of research.


Primary – Collected by self in own work, questionnaires, market research, experiments, direct observations, interviews etc.


Secondary – desk research

summarising collation / synthesis of existing reasearch. – internet, books, periodicals, journals, blogs, dossiers, academic papers, any written or printed format apart from wikipedia.  Sources to be backed up with corroborating data.


Qualitative research.

Method of enquiry used by many academic disciplines.  Traditional Social Scienses, also in market research and forther contexts.

aim to gather indepth understanding of human behaviour and reasons which govern this.




Qualitive – asking for opinions in a structured way so you can produce hard facts and statistics


Hypothesis -proposed explanation for a phenomenon


Plagarism – taking others ideas or work and passing off as your own.


Ethics – Moral Philosphy that includes systematics, defending and reccommending concepts of right & wrong.



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