work placement over summer

I have managed to arrange working a few hours per week over the summer break at Hayhursts Camera shop in Nelson, working on modern printing and developing techniques for colour and blac and white film, along with working in a retail camera shop environment.


email conversation confirming.

To: ‘andrew carson’

Hi Andy

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

I have spoken to Daniel and we are agreed that you could spend some time with us.

A lot has changed in this industry and there is not as much ‘know how’ needed these days as

things are almost all computer controlled. There is no wet print process for instance.

If you would like to chat to Daniel about hours, we can sort something out.



From: andrew carson []
Sent: 17 March 2016 14:33
Subject: work placement

Dear Sir.

After speaking to Daniel, I have been asked to email in to you to hopefully formalize some work based learning for my degree course with Blackburn college University Centre,  for this i would like to work in your lab / shop to help further my development on the technical side of photography and developing film in a more professional lab setting along with working in a camera based retail envirnoment, I already have some knowledge of developing film at university (B&W 35mm and 120 films) and printing onto light sensitive paper.

I am trustworthy, well dressed, clean, easy going yet hard working and a good communicator.

Yours Faithfully

Andy Carson

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