Cameras & Equpment – Trade & Retail

  1. What advantages/disadvantages do CSC cameras have?

CSC or compact system cameras have an advantage of being smaller than a DSLr and easier to carry around and use less obtrusively.  Also for smaller lenses on an interchangeable lens system, you can get further zoom for the size due to the smaller sensor size in these cameras.  Disadvantages of these cameras are the restrictions on depth of field and sometimes image quality depening on the technolgy installed into a camera body.  Also a disadvantage in using these cameras professionally is that peoples expectations of a professional is to use a DSLR and the stereotype of this will still last as it is what people will expect.  the major advantage on this type of system is the cost, as it is cheaper to buy and upgrade than using a DSLR system.

  1. What advantages/disadvantages do DSLR cameras have?

DSLR cameras advantages are a large range of lenses available to use and offer much more flexibilty in the way you can produce a photo than other cameras.  Disadvantages of DSLR’s can be the snobbishness of some depending on the brand you use compared to them (I call these people idiots as different brands can perform different jobs in better or worse ways or not have equipment produced for certain jobs – eg neither Canon or Nikon produce a medium format digital camera body).  Cost can be very prohibitive as well with DSLR equipment as a camera body only can cost up to £6,000 and lenses double or even treble that in some instances

  1. What advantages/disadvantages do compact cameras have?

Compact cameras as with phone cameras are good to get a shot or use on holiday if you dont have another type of camera with you. very basic point and shoot means you will get the shot quickly and not have to think about settings, disadvantages of this system is to upgrade anything you have to buy a new full camera, and again snobbishness of other camera users looking down on them when in fact they can be a very useful tool in the pro photographers kitbag!

  1. What advantages/disadvantages do Rangefinder cameras have?

Having used a rangefinder camera only once, i found it very easy to focus with, with the two plates of glass in the focussing window being made to meet each other, the disadvantages of them is that i have not found a digital version as of yet so they only tend to be film based and having to change this once a roll has been used.

  1. What are the differences between Trade and Retail?

the difference between trade and retail is trade sales will sell business to business and retail will sell from a business or company to the public or end user.

  1. What advantages/disadvantages does equipment hire provide?

Advantages of equipment hire are you are able to use or try out a piece of camera equipment at a fraction of the cost of having to purchase it just for a few days use, also for the casual photographer who may not want to buy a camera set up can hire and use just for the time it is needed,

Disadvantages of hiring equipment is sometimes having to give the stuff back after if you enjoy using it!  if you hire the same peice of kit regular it may work out cheaper in the long run to purchase it outright, also sometimes the condition of a peice of hired equipment may sometimes not be up to the standard you expected and possibly even have damaged parts.


  1. What device would you use to calibrate your monitor?

for monitor calibration i would use a product called spyder which you can also use to calibrate your print settings as well.

  1. What is a colour profile?

a colour profile is a colour scheme that a particular company or system uses eg RGB Adobe or as DS colourlabs use, thier own that they have produced.

  1. Does a colour profile result in better prints from a lab? How?

Yes! as the profile you save the photographic image to being the same as what they use at the lab, you can produce edited images knowing that the print lab will make exact copies of how you want the photograph to be printed

  1. Trade and retail exists in the lab sector, are you aware of the differences between ‘pro’ and ‘high street’ labs?

A pro lab (such as printspace or DScl) will take orders and be able to print photographic or graphic design images in large format and bulk orders wheras a high street lab will only be able to produce finished products upto a certain size, sending away any other orders to the pro labs to produce for you.

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