Abstract Images of a Football Pitch

These images came by chance whilst out walking my dog in the local park, and I decided to see how well a photograph would come out of just a striaght line of white along the grass and converted to black and white, this photo worked well and gave an abstract view of a football pitch hopefully making the viewer think more into the content of the photographs rather than it just being a recorded moment in time “of” something.

This first photograph is the original experimental image, the photographs following are a re-visit to the same place and looking more into the lines and shapes found within a football pitch




Two more additions to the set, the goakeepers “D” and the angle of the goal posts.

The photograph of the goal post angle, I am awaiting back from a professional printers where it is being produced onto sheet aluminium as I feel this material and its characteristics will suit the final production of the image.  Whilst shooting this set, i have been fortunate with good weather when I have been out with the camera, and freshly cut and marked public football pitches in Heaton Park, Manchester.  This has helped me to be able to produce the photographs in lightroom on my computer in this way to allow the black & white conversion along with the strong contrast between the line and grass, but without losing the quality or being able to tell what the photograph consists of.  Having already returned to reshoot a couple of photographs for this collection, I am now happy with the overall results of them as a complete series and now would not add or change anything to the set or in production of it.


DSC_0012-2.jpgThis latest image is taken at an angle of both goal posts without netting and converted in RAW to B&W from colour to enable myself to create such high contrast. When shooting the photograph, I purposely focussed directly onto the nearest post to allow the rear one in the image to appear out of focus but still white enough to be able to contrast against the deep black of the background,for  the background  I used the side of the pitch surrounded by trees to obtain this effect.

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