First Home Developed film

Finally purchasing my own developing tank and chemicals i am now developing my own films at home,  I use Ilford Ilfosol 3, Tetenal rapid fix and Ilford stop bath rather than plain water, also using kodak photo-flo wetting agent.

using the massive developer chart on digital truth website i found it easy to find the times needed for the film or any film i would choose to use along with compensations for different concentrations or exposure times.

This is the first steps i have taken to creating my own traditional photography area at home, with a shed arriving soon to create my own darkroom for printing images from film.  This will be wrote up in a separate blog as research in how to set up your own traditional darkroom.

images of a few photographs scanned in from the film


The last image in the mosaic below, is also the first print I have made at home using my own darkroom.  From learning how to print from film at university, I felt this went quite smoothly, although not the best quality image it has a good tonal range in the photograph to test out the qualties of the enlarger, whilst also providing a check to see if any light leaks into the room were there and affecting the printing method.

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