Darkroom building diary

For part of my research methods assignment, i am building from scratch a darkroom in a shed at home.


The shed Arrived tuesday 26/04/16 and currently waiting for better weather to stain and board it up on the inside to make it lightproof.

I have already purchased an enlarger (Durst F305)



developing tanks

enlarger lens



red safety light

and grain finder.


05/05 all electrics in and working, plywood added to floor for strength and levelling, boards gong up on walls to improve lightproofing

08/05 all interior boarding finished, outside stained and interior painted.  Shed is now light tight ready for work bench to be built and enlarger etc to be installed

11/05 Shelving units in place and top of benches painted, film drying cab built, just waiting for paint to dry and then move equipment inside from house.




11/05/2016 PM

Swept out floor after all dust settled, and moved gear in, cramped space but perfect for how i wanted it to be-  small, compact and not enough room to create a mess in!

All that is left to do now is go out, shoot a roll of film, develop and test print in there, then iron out any bugs or fixes that need doing to get it completely right.

All this has been done on a very tight budget, including driving to Edinburgh to pick up the enlarger trays and tank cheaply whilst combining it with a visit to a few places around there, all the benches are bespoke hand made by myself and father from mainly scrap pieces of wood, the only main expense was the shed itself (£300) and the boarding for the walls to help make the place light-tight (approx £40) and mdf for the work surfaces (£20)

first test print done in new dark room, looks to be working ok!


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