This method of producing an image is similar to the cholorphyll process, however instead of using the leaves off a plant, you use either the petals or berries.

For this I have used blackcurrant berries to give a stronger contrast between the sun bleached portions of the image and the parts blocked by the subject matter.


to produce this I have done the following:

ground 6 large blackberries in a mortar & pestle to a paste,

added around a shot of cherry brandy to distill, (and try and keep the colour)

pressed the mixture through a coffee filter to try and get rid of any bits, however any that got through i have left in for texture,

once the mixture has been produced, I then painted it onto a peice of fine art paper, placed some artifical flowers on to block out sunlight, placed into an A4 clip frame to hold together and press the flowers tight onto the paper and left in direct sunlight for the developing process to begin.



Unfortunately this experiment did not work very well at all as I planned, this is possibly due to not leaving the image to develop long enough, this however is hit and miss with this type of photograph production as it can vary from a few hours to a few weeks for an image to appear.  I had left the emulsion mix for two days in hot direct sunlight, so next time i try this, i will be leaving it for at the very least a week possibly two to try and get an image developed onto the paper.

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