Research Methods Task 3

to widen my knowledge on photographs, both looking at and producing, I visited the university library and have borrowed the following two books


Langfords Advanced Photography 8th Edition by Michael Langford and Efthimia Bilissi, published by Focal Press.

This edition published 2015 and ISBN no is 978-0240-52191-6


The History of Photography by Beaumont Newhall, published by MOMA (Museum of Modern Art – New York)

This edition published 2009, being the fifth edition and 11th print run

ISBN no -978-0-87070-381-2

After reccommendation from tutors early on in the academic year, I also purchased a copy for myself of:


Ways of Seeing by John Berger published in1972 ISBN 978-0-141-03579-6


Other books which I have purchesed myself to read and gain inspiration from in my development as a photographer include

Fay Godwin – Our forbidden Land

Peter watson -Light in the Landscape, A Photographers Year

John Szarkowski – The Photographers Eye


Gerry badger – The Genius of Photography (to accompany the BBC series of the same name)

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