645 film photograph

This photograph of the clock at Carnforth station (supplied in box) I was originally going to use in another module, but after deciding to keep that all digital, i have found a use for it in my research methods assignment instead.

This photograph I shot on my pentax 645 medium format camera using ilford HP5 400ISO film pulled back to 200ISOm the reason for this was so when developing there would be slightly less grain in the image and also it helps to produce a strong tonal range whilst still allowing to print an image with a stronger contrast than if it was shot at 400 or above.


After three re-prints in the darkroom i am now very happy with how the photograph has turned out apart from in the composition where i have inadvertantly cut the bottom of the clock out whilst framing the image in the viewfinder and pressing the shutter release button.  The previous two attempts i felt were develped well but overall lacked definition in the image, to resolve this i adjusted the contrast using the magenta and yellow filters on the enlarger, using approx 20 strength yellow and 90 magenta.  The reason for this is the magenta adds to the contrast of the image being projected onto the paper while the yellow helps to reduce the contrast, however it is better to use a mix of these rather than just the magenta dial to create a good print onto the paper.

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