Print to Aluminum

Whilst looking for a suitable medium to print a photograph in a certain way, I thought of a brushed aluminum print to show detail of both the photograph and the material it was to be printed on, however when the print came back from the printers I was very unhappy with the way it has turned out, instead of showing off the qualities of the material coming through the detail of the photograph, instead they have printed onto a very thick film stuck over the metal which has hidden any point or reason to produce the image in this way.  If i was to get this done again, I would get a sheet of metal myself and use photographic emulsion painted over the surface to allow the colour and brushed pattern to become part of the photograph and its feel.  Initially i was going to do this myself before getting it sent off for printing professionally but due to time constraints finishing other parts of the module I felt it would be more beneficial to do this to maximise my time.

The only positive points I can gather from this process is the way the contrast of the goal posts and the sky behind has come out, other than this, I feel it is a failed attempt at producing a photograph in a different way.


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