Work Based Learning Diary

June 07 /09.
09:30 – 16:30

showed how to use passport printing machine and how jobs come over from instant points to be printed

sorted through old cameras to see what worked and what didnt

helped remove old counter to create more space for displaying cameras and peripherals.

June 14 /16

continued sorting through old cameras and cine items

June 28/30th


continued working on new display for cameras, took passport photos and printed them for customers.


July 05 /07th

09:30 – 17:00

continued working on display for cameras, sorting boxes of cameras in stock out to go onto display.

July 12/14th


as above

July 19/21

off due to shop closures

July 26/28


shown how to use colour film developer and scanner

August 04/11


developed customers films after first doing test strip on developing machine, scanned and printed, then packaged ready for customers to collect.


Aug 16/18


Developed films, scanned films printed photographs in back of shop area all day.  Took photos of shop and areas / equipment I can now use

Aug 25th


Developed films, scanned and printed photographs until paper stocks ran out and unable to continue this.

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