Summer Project

After being stuck in a photographic rut and unable to think of a theme for my summer project, I decided after taking a few images and noticing that I was creating a lot of work in black & white digitally, that i would entitle my project A Black & White Summer.

In this project, it is just a series of photographs, not a set of images all relating to each other as such.  I felt doing this would give myself more freedom and scope with the work i could produce and include most photographic subjects rather than limiting to just portrait, or just landscape etc.

With the project I have also purposely limited my travel to within 15 miles of my home, the only photograph that is close to stretching this limit is when I visited the panapticon outside Burnley and Haslingden, otherwise the rest of the photographs I have limited to within 5 miles of my house to try and show what is available within the confines of the Greater Manchester boundary which I live on.


All the photographs, I have placed in an album on my Flikr page which is updated on a regular basis rather than on this page as it is an ongoing project that I will continue to add to when I produce photographs.

I have added a second album from Astley Colliery Museum which I made a visit to as my Great Great Great Great Grandfather was killed in a mine explosion at Agecroft Colliery which is on part of the same coal seam as Astley.



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