Personal Project To Do List

For this project I shall be researching, evaluating and seeing how the styles and influences of the photographer Man Ray, Musician Johnny Marr and ONE OTHER can be taken and applied to my own work in creating a set of photographs to the highest standards.

To do list.


1 Read books purchased from ebay on Man Ray, also look at work by Laslo maholy – nage, an influence on man ray.  read extensively on website the Man Ray trust, set up as a database for students of his work

2. Write up research on above finding ways to utilise his influence in a set of pictures of my own

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for both other artists

4. Make photographs – model arranged already who is interested in the project herself (after given birth), also see if can get models uncle to participate in a shoot.  Shoot is likely at moment to be in style of Man Ray with a contemporary edge.


research and learn how to produce sabbatier effect, use this technique when developing images in dark room from large format film.

get another model to shoot if mary jo unavailable, also when film arrives do still life shoot in studio to practice technique first.


sabbatier effect is re-exposing the film while partially developed using a speedlight to create a hard black edge along leading lines, then completing developing as normal.


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