4×5 Sabbatier Experiment

This trial of producing the Sabattier effect (or solarization) of a negative did not go as expected, from trial and error the production seemed to just change the negative to a positive image on the film once printed onto photographic paper

Film used – Fomapan 4×5 ISO100

The first attempt I flashed light onto the negative at the half way point of developing the film (3 mins) then allowing to develop for the remainder of the time. This amount of time did not produce a very good negative to use for printing so this has been discarded from printing on to paper.

Second time I flashed a minute earlier in the developing to see if this had any change on the negative. This appeared to work better, but again still produced a positive from the negative.

I tried this again with two more negatives but these did not work as well as the two minute timing with the film used.

This will be tried again but to try and gain a proper Sabattier Effect on the negative i will be trying to flash the image later in the developing rather than earlier.

Images to reflect this are below.

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