Johnny Maher (Marr)

Original guitarist with The Smiths, Modest Mouse, The Cribs Electronic (with Bernard Sumner – New Order. ) Now successful solo artist, guest appearances with Kirsty McColl, Sinead O Connor, The The , Billy Bragg, Talking Heads and numerous other recordings between 1986 and present day.


Would prefer to be in the background as much as possible when involved in a band rather than a frontman or mouthpiece for them.

Influenced by rockabilly and folk music along with glam rock bands such as T rex. Also passionate about early electronic dance music, having worked with The Pet Shop Boys, also Neil Tennant providing vocals on Electronics hit “Getting Away With It”  and using Kraftwerks influence  on him whilst with this band, his all time favourite guitarist is Nile Rodgers from the band Chic.

Once arrested for handling stolen goods ( a painting by acclaimed Salford Artist LS Lowry.)

Would not go on stage with less than a £10 note in his pocket as a superstition.

Became Vegetarian after The Smiths album Meat is Murder was released.

Johnny Marr and his bands have influenced many bands themselves including Oasis, The Courteeners amongst others from the Manchester area.

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