Burrs Mill Bury

This is one of the oldest mill sites in Bury, (built 1790) situated at the end of Woodhill Road just to the north of the town.  This mill along with its conterpart, Higher Woodhill Mill (which is usally mistakenly thought to be part of Burrs Mill), sits just lower down at the enterance to the country park.   The mill produced Cotton initially and then paper  but later on in the 19th century and early 20th century changed it use to become a bleach works for cleaning the cotton and woven fabrics.

Now on the site is a large country park and riverside walking area, along with an adventure centre situated in the rebuilt and refurbished mill cottages opposite the car park and below the Brown Cow public house, which is the original farmhouse built at the location circa 1752. All this overlooked from the large sloping weir at Castlesteads by an ancient Iron Age fort, along with a brand new halt on the East Lancs Railway built this year to allow greater access to the area (2016)

At this mill there is still plenty to see of the old mill site and footings along with the recycling of some of the buildings stone used to create rapids in the Irwell for canoeists and other river users.

On The site the old mill pond is still visible and in use as part of the adventure centre, although now only a fraction of its size, situated alongside the feeder channels for the two mills and the Manchester, Bury and Bolton Canal.

The Mill itself has had a colourful history during wartime, originally being a billeted station for a Yeomanry where officers could regularly be seen on the fields nearby giving exercise to thier horses, this is before the mill became a prisoner of war camp housing German POWS but in the main those from Italy, in fact there is a story about Italian prisoners of war becoming heroes themselves in Bury for the rescue of a lady from the River Irwell http://aircrashsites.co.uk/history/an-italian-hero-in-lancashire/

Demolition of the mill started in 1952 and was finished in the early 1980’s when Bury Council accquired the land to turn it into the park you can see there now.

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