Brooksbottom Mill – Summerseat

This mill built in 1876 by Joshua Hoyles, replaced earlier mills built on the site in the 1700’s by the Peel family (same as Sir Robert Peel founder of the police force) the mill ceased production of cotton in 1987 before being turned into its current use as luxury apartments

The first mill to be built here was the start of the cotton industry in Bury, built by the Peel family in 1773 as a calico printing works.

The old pumphouse at the front of the buildings is now a studio after being converted to this from housing the pumps which supplied water to the mill from the River Irwell adjacent to it.

This site was also where the Waterside Inn had been situated in part of the mill ancillary buildings spanning the river on its own bridge.  The pub however became unsafe during boxing day floods of 2015 being partly washed away before demolition.

The workers cottages for this mill survive intact in rows nearby with each row containing 2 lots of housing back to back with each other, these are now privately owned properties

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