Higher Woodhill Mill

The First mill to be built on this site nearest to Burrs Mill was in 1790, originally producing cotton, but in later years diversified into producing many other products along side this.  The mill was one of the largest in the area being five storeys high and incorporating the largest waterwheel in the region to provide power to the site.  After this wheel was put in place, an engine house was constructed providing a steam engine generating around 100 horse power to improve efficiency in production and also to provide a power source when the river level on the Irwell became too low to sustain the movement of the waterwheel.

During the cotton famine of the 1860’s the mill changed products to produce paper and glue, cotton production returned briefly after this but this was in the first world war in the form of gun cotton! producing this dangerous propellant for weapons to help the war effort.

The final use of the mill and site was as a bleach works as many other mills turned to before being demolished in 1928

an archeological survey of the site revealed the remains you can see today as mainly shown in my pictures, and artefacts can be found in Bury museum on display to the general public

info taken from https://lancashirepast.com/2013/11/19/higher-woodhill-mill-ruins-bury/

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