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Tech & Innovation task 1

Talk about advantages & disadvantages of camera tech / Features eg: TLR uses secondary lens to take photograph from focussing lens, can use lower shutter speeds.  tend to be old and a bit clunky now and takes a long time … Continue reading

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Springwater revisit digital

After formative assessment it was agreed rather than to spread work thinly over various sites, it would be better to concentrate on this one demolished bleaching works and mill. Digital images are on link below, also I took the oppurotunity … Continue reading

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Formative Feedback 23/01/2017

  % Formative Grade Personal Project – 65% B+ Live Project – 58% C+ WBL – 58% C+ The ‘Formative Grade’ is purely a prediction; the ‘Summative (Final) Grade’ may be an adjustment, up or down, depending upon student performance. … Continue reading

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Technology & Innovation

An Historical Perspective of the camera 30,000BC camera obscura thought to be used for cave paintings 1826/7 Niepce – earliest survivng fixed photograph 1835 The negative devloped! Henry Fox Talbot 1835-2000 fundamental process of photography remainded the same. 1839 degaurrotype … Continue reading

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Salt Mill Saltaire -Hockney & Mill photos

Visted this mill on 21/01/17 to view the David Hockney exhibitions to gain inspiration and research for both my critical studies essay and my personal project on mills from the industrial revolution. The reason for visiting this mill is that … Continue reading

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