Formative Feedback 23/01/2017


% Formative Grade Personal Project – 65% B+

Live Project – 58% C+

WBL – 58% C+

The ‘Formative Grade’ is purely a prediction; the ‘Summative (Final) Grade’ may be an adjustment, up or down, depending upon student performance.

Student – Andrew Carson            Modules – Personal Project, WBL and Live Project            

Year 2 – Semester 1                        23/1/17

You have had a shakey start to this academic year. I do feel, however, that with a bit of additional tutorial support you will succeed in completing successfully this course. To re-cap our earlier face to face discussion:

  • Keep in communication with RP and MP show and discuss your work as it progresses
  • Make more photos of bands for the Live module. Perhaps bring them into the studio or on location – posed rather than on stage – they are more likely to use them
  • Concentrate on the ‘Springwater Mill’ location. Some of the work produced is quite good but needs further refinement
  • Absorb Michael Kenna’s French lace factory work – allow his aesthetic to infect yours. Drop the ‘darkness’ slider in Lightroom – keep your photographs as pure as you can
  • Keep your blog up to date
  • Re-read all assignment briefs to ensure you are completing all that is required for the module
  • Think of reasons to do things, stop trying to find reasons not to do things


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