Tech & Innovation task 1

Talk about advantages & disadvantages of camera tech / Features


TLR uses secondary lens to take photograph from focussing lens, can use lower shutter speeds.  tend to be old and a bit clunky now and takes a long time to find a good working model even though very few moving parts in the camera.


very easy to use, easy to maintain.  problems can be decides at random when it wants to chew up a film, can get light leaks easily on back door from seals wearing away

Range Finder pro’s easy to focus, cons, can break easily and foccusing becomes a problem

Optical Viewfinder

you can see exactly what it is in front of you, no electronics chaniging colours, cons, can sometimes not show full picture and extra bits appear on actual photo

Digital Viewfinder

pros, can see all of the picture that will come out, cons not real image, can hurt eyes after a bit,

Interchangable Lenses / Fixed Lens

pros with interchangeable lens, can change zoom to get further or closer to / from the subject, cons can get a lot of dust and muck inside camera with changing them, can eventually wear out the mount with extensive use

Fixed lens pros – you get to work with what you hav on the camera, cons -you can only work with what is there on the camera.


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