my skillset now / where I want to be in 5 years time

can use competently (cameras)

35mm SLR -nikon and canon!

compact camera (got a couple of canon Ixus cameras but rarely use them as prefer to shoot on DSLR)

high end compact camera, Panasonic Lumix LX-100

35mm DSLR (Nikon D750 as choice, but will use other  brands if own camera unavailable)

medium format film camera hasselbald 500 series, pentax 645

large format film camera (4×5)

also able to use mini lab for processing colour films -35mm and 120

Ability to use a large format printer, both from shop work and my own A3+ sized printer at home using high quality inks.


having my own darkroom i am…..

able to develop  own B&W film 35, 120 and 4×5

able to use darkroom equipment to printand manipulate own photographs in B&W

able to perform maintenance on own cameras – clean lenses and do sensor clean on digital cameras.

would like to improve skillset by:

learning to develop colour film without use of lab

learn to print colour photographs

be able to produce higher quality video than I currently am able to

learn HTML to be able to code and host my own site without having to pay someone else to do so.

learn more about alternative film processes, both for curiousity and knoweldge but also to help keep them alive for future generations too.


in 5 years time, I would like to be a recognised photographer making enough money to live on comfortably whilst able to update my knowledge of camera technology as it and time progresses.  that or win the lottery and retire early!


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