10 milestones that are a benchmark for photography since 1992.

  1. SLR cameras for film from canon and nikon made more user friendly with electronics taking over from virtually all operations on the camera, especially with the canon EOS series and the range of lenses available for it revolutionising film bodies. This in turn leads to ….
  2. Digital Cameras, unfortunately kodak missed the boat on this even though one of thier developers produced one! again the Canon EOS series following on from the designs of thier film SLR’s and lenses from these (at the time) being backwards and future comaptible – until they released yet another lens mount for APS-C sensors.
  3. sensor technology, this has been massively improved upon since the original CCD sensors of less than 1mp and now upto 50mp for digital med format and greater for large format backs, (this now seems to be used by press reviews as a benchmark but in my opinion wrongly so as ISO and overall performance should be used ) now sensors becoming smaller and more powerful along with being able to recreate depth of field more from smaller sensors rather than large ones in the past.
  4. photoshop – allowing users to manipulate photographs
  5. CSC – compact system cameras from fuji – xpro series – giving canon and nikon a good kicking and taking a good share of the market along with sony.
  6. olympus pen – broke the mould and prices for micro 4/3rds cameras great looks, good lenses and superb image quality.
  7. SD card, small compact card able to fit into cameras with correct slot, also CF cards to some extent.
  8. tethered shooting -allowing production of a photograph from the computer controlling all the settings on the camera.
  9. print quality – improved drastically for home printing since 92 with high end lab standard printers being affordable to the serious photographer
  10. mobile phone technology – quickly becoming a benchmark to which most ordinary cameras need to beat to be saleable to the public.
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