T&I Task 5

Image Management

Digital image managment is now mainly done by users using Adobe Lightroom software as this has execellent ways of catalouging your photographs and adding keywords or tags to search easily for them, you can also set up multiple catalouges for different hard drives depending on what you want to be working on at the time.  It is also excellent market leading software for simple editing and image manipulation, being classed as the darkroom for the digital age. the advantage of using this software is you can not destroy the original raw file whilst manipulating in the digital darkroom section of the software.

Photoshop is a dedicated manipulation software used mainly by photographers to do detailed editing on a photograph or graphic designers to change and manipulate a photograph beyond recognition from what it used to be.

Aperture is a defunct software that should have been kept going by apple, but money talked and they went with adobe and the photoshop and lightroom software even though many say aperture was a lot better.

Capture 1 pro is another software package you can use to tether to the camera and use your laptop or a computer to control the camera and settings to take a photograph, it also has built in catalouging and manipulation.


The above is a screen print of my desktop at home showing the various different types of software that are available.

Cyberlink Photo Director is a free software that acts similar to lightroom, but does not have all the functionality of it.

Photostitcher is a basic app to stitch photos together to make panoramic images.

Capture -NXD is nikons own software bundled with cameras for downloading and viewing nef images.

Digi Cam Controller is a way of controlling the camera via tethering, similar to capture one but without the same functionality

Photomatix is a superb bit of sotware for creating HDR images in, or even double exposures by using more than one image each time.

Umark5 is a watermark editor for adding watermarks to photographs when a client demands it for thier websites.

MediaImpression2 is software that controls my film scanner for scanning these in to manipulate or print digitally.

Tiffen DFX 3.0 is a software package from Tiffen that digitally replicates 100’s of filters and has a film bank of over 100 films to create an analouge look to a digital photograph.

Corel Paint Shop Pro is Corels version of adobe photoshop and lightroom combined into one software package, not as powerful as both LR or PS but a very good alternative for those who are working on a budget with their photography.

Startrails is a photo stacking tool for creating star trail photographs from multiple images.

HDR projects is similar to photomatix but not as user friendly or as good at producing the final composite image.

Lytro Desktop is the software for use with the Lytro Illium camera.

Perfect Effects is some free software I keep getting offered yearly which can do some quite interesting work with filters and HDR stuff on single image manipulation

I also have google NIK software collection added to my Lightroom as plugins to add extra ways of manipulating photographs.








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