Final 12 photographs Personal Project / Exhibition shoots


After final discussions with tutor Martyn Pearson we have decided that instead of the listed 10 photographs on the brief for personal project, 10 will be submitted.  I am currently testing papers with one print to see which will suit the final series best for submission, using a test pack of papers from both epson and Hahnemühle I have had in my paper supplies cupboard for a year or so!

I have come to the conclusion these are the best images as in the main, they are the most often chosen by others with better photographic knowledge than myself or looked at aesthetic values for the series plus my own 2 personal favourites included.  I have asked a minimum of 5 people to look at the set to bring about this final lot, but feel if i show to any more people it may lead to confusion as everyone has thier own opinion on what to include and why.

Whilst doing this project, I feel my photography has developed massively compared to where I was at this time last year, where now I am thinking about every photograph that I take when the shutter release is pressed instead of just a quick look and shoot.  Along with this I am thinking more about the “rules” of photography and occasionally chucking them out the window, instead taking a considered view myself to how parts of the photograph sit together within the frame and the way the light, shade, leading lines, and sometimes when I use it, the colours of the objects sit together as a whole in the viewfinder seeing the whole of the intended photograph rather than just a part, then deciding to  crop out bits that are not wanted.


The photographs from this module will also be used at the end of year show as an exhibit of 12, It has been mutually agreed ( Martyn said) that they would look best in a dark brown wooden frame (A3 size with a deep mounting to the photograph) printed no larger than 8×10 size onto the paper more likely to be done at 6×9 with both the paper and the frames displayed portrait in a long line even though all the photographs chosen are landscape.  This has been decided as it is felt the smaller photographs for this work to be displayed will work better to draw the viewers attention to them whilst also not comprimising on any quality issues with the printing.

Alongside the photographs in the exhibition, I plan to cut out passages from a United Utilities report on the area to add information on the photographs to bring them to life within the context of why I chose this project to complete.

For my final presentation of the photographs towards my degree, I am still undecided on presenting them as basic prints on paper, or in a book with added information on the area from the report above.

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