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T&I Task 1.

Evolution of the camera Photography Timeline * ancient times: Camera obscuras used to form images on walls in darkened rooms; image formation via a pinhole * 16th century: Brightness and clarity of camera obscuras improved by enlarging the hole inserting … Continue reading

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Personal Project Final Images and write up

For my personal project I originally decided to try and photograph a large selection of old cotton mills and other works alongside these from the industrial revolution.  The reason for doing this was to try and create a modern record … Continue reading

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Live project update

After discussion with Tutor Richard Peregrine, this is going to be a mix of work tasked by music events, Tony Tickle for his bonsai workshop and work set by Richard Tymon for his Found in Blackburn Exhibition and the forthcoming … Continue reading

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Diagram of future needs for photography on a personal level.

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10 milestones that are a benchmark for photography since 1992.

SLR cameras for film from canon and nikon made more user friendly with electronics taking over from virtually all operations on the camera, especially with the canon EOS series and the range of lenses available for it revolutionising film bodies. … Continue reading

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my skillset now / where I want to be in 5 years time

can use competently (cameras) 35mm SLR -nikon and canon! compact camera (got a couple of canon Ixus cameras but rarely use them as prefer to shoot on DSLR) high end compact camera, Panasonic Lumix LX-100 35mm DSLR (Nikon D750 as … Continue reading

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10 photography products that could be successful in next 5 years

Resurgence of film more people using film cameras now than ever, trying to get the retro look, or realising you cant beat the quality a photo shot on a proper film SLR camera with a good film can give you. … Continue reading

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10 commercially unsuccessful photo products since 1992

1.. Lytro light field camera. This camera has realistically used tchnology ahead of its time, using lightfield technology rather than a normal sensor and megapixel imagery.  The main thing that has stopped this camera more than anything is the lack … Continue reading

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cash flow forecasting

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email brief from Richard Tymon

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