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Cabbage Shoot for SJM

An acquaintance I have at SJM gave me a photo pass to shoot the band Cabbage  + Support on 28/04/17 for them.   (I hate red lighting)

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upcoming shoots

The Voice auditions, Blind Tiger, Bolton Kendal Calling, Lowther Deer Park, Kendal Tim Peaks Diner, Lowry Salford. Mercedes shooting SLS gullwing

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Lens and Camera Hire

A topic that was not touched on in our seminars but one I feel important to add into here is the industry growing around camera hardware in the hiring of bodies and lenses.  The companies that provide this service can … Continue reading

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Local Exhibition

Email to Bury Library archives regarding possible exhibition locally of my personal project. Confirmed it is happening, albeit on a small scale, but still an exhibition produced and accomplished through my own making.

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BFest All Day Music Event

Held at Blind Tiger Bolton,  I was asked to do photographs for the whole days music for this charity event featuring some of the highly rated new bands coming out of the UK at the moment.  This was a paid … Continue reading

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Photo Shoot at Lamborghini Manchester

Portfolio shoot arranged with Manchester branch of Lamborghini showrooms.  Arranged this shoot as I felt there was a part missing in my portfolio on my website of something other than editorial or documentary photography.

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New camera test shots

F2.3 ISO800 1/30

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Understanding Brand Partnerships

Wex has a partnership with Nikon UK to drip feed used and returned cameras on to the market to keep prices stable. Nikon also is in partnership with Sony to use thier sensors in digital cameras. More remarkable possibly and … Continue reading

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Colour photos inspired by Pete Davis – In Wild Wood

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Ramsbottom Chocolate Festival 2017

For this years visit to this annual event, I went with the idea of taking photographs of as little chocolate as possible and to focus on the other items for sale in thier displays on the stalls.

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