The Business Task 1

Review (show a range of examples of each) a range of marketing techniques and forums that are used by contemporary photographers; although not exhaustive, these should include:

Websites, Blogging, Social Media, Professional Bodies, Awards and Competitions, Magazines,Books (hand-made and published books and e-books), Exhibitions in galleries and in other locations. Discuss the various merits of these forums to the contemporary photographer.


for this I have looked at the likes of Paul Hill

his website compared to others I shall be looking at is quite busy, though all the information you need or if you wanted to look at photos is quite clear and easily navigable.

Charlie Waite

Charlies Website is very clean and modern looking, with a very easy on the eye way of seeing the menus and ability to find information through search box. This website has been made mespoke using HTML by a web designer

Dennis Morris

as with above, clean easy to navigate, all info you need is within a click away from any page.

My own website A Northern Photographer – HOME

I have tried to take the influence from these websites into my own created using for ease and cost, using the drag and drop method of updating photographs, I have managed to keep it so you are only ever a click away from any other page on my site from whichever page you are looking at at any given time.


Admittedly I have not looked at many blogs on photography as I have found them to be too self absorbed, busy and pretentious from what I have seen so far,  if I strike lucky and find an interesting one with none of the previous, I shall update it into here.

The other Blogs from companies I find are more geared to just try and sell you the equipment, I would much rather trust an established independent review site such as trustedreviews…

One blog I do read on occasion is at Wex as even though they are a camera sales company, thier reviews do tell you what you need to know about new technology

Social Media

Both Brian Griffin and Paul Hill are visible on facebook a lot, Brian is often on talking about his works and upcoming events to people he is connected with on there, Paul always seems available for any quick critique or a quick comment on a photograph you may put up without asking too.  I find using Facebook an essential way of communicating with potential customers as you can with one click of a button send a post advertising your services to hundreds or thousands of people. Also if you know people have events coming up it is easy to contact on there to ask if they require photographic coverage of it to create work for yourself.


Can not stress enough how important books can be in the making or breaking of a photographer, my own bookshelf is packed with various photographers books whom I look to for inspiration and research.  If your book is well published, printed and the content is there, then it can be an invaluable tool to both the photographer as a means of income and record of work, and to others for research and inspiration.

Professional Bodies

Having touched on this with the module “Tecxhnology & Innovation” and looking at various bodies in photography such as the AOP, BIPP RPS etc, with the services they offer it is a subperb tool and resource for the money it costs to join, to be a member of them, you can get expert advice on issues away from photography (Legal, Accountancy etc) if you need it when dealing with customers, to discounts on insurance, and availabilty to list yourself on these to advertise as a photographer, or assistant in needing work or needing someone to work for you. Also for instance the RPS you can gain recognised awards through them which will add letters to the end of your name!


Excellent way of being able to showcase works to a public audience with option to make money by selling photos at them, can easily introduce your work to those who do not know of you by advertisement or others taking people along to shows.  With the ability to tour an exhibition, once inital setup costs are taken into account, it can be a quite cost effective way of showcasing photography round the country. Doing Pop-Up exhibitions on a small scale in unused shops or places exhibitions are not usually held is also a very qood way of introducing your work to the public.

Awards and Competitions

looks good on anyones CV no matter thier area if a respected award has been made or competition won or finalist.  AOP student awards especially significant as winning this can create a huge boost to the career of a would be photographer.

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