The Business – Task 5

Build a highly considered two year action plan for your initial career path upon completion of this course. Take into account such things as your product range, premises (permanent or temporary) and staffing etc. Add to this financial considerations by creating a notional ‘Cash-Flow Forcast.’ Remember to place all supporting material for this module on your blog. If using book recording of your progress you will still need to create a web presence but your supporting material may be placed in your book or visual note-book.

Two Year Action Plan

months 1 -4.

Produce and publish website, order business cards and possibly flyers to post up in venues.

See bank and create seperate account monies can be paid into from photography work, transferring a set amount depending on earnings weekly for living costs.

Start doing paid shoots with equipment already have, with view to upgrading at end of this period for lighting and backdrops. aim for one or two shoots a week to cover costs of this. check what other start-up photographers are charging and add a bit more whilst promoting my skillset and time already served learning and producing photography prior to my degree course.


months 5-6

Aim to be doing 3 or 4 shoots a week paid, to be able to put money into bank account for saving towards equipment and /or rainy day fund whilst work may be slower.

months 6-12

Should by now be doing regular work with client base buidling, as portfolio has built up, try and get regular work from larger companies to create a good source of regular income for living and gear expenses

months 13-24

keep planning as above with view for expansion at any time possible, look towards renting or purchasing own studio so can cut down on day rate rental costs AND rent out space on days or times I will not be using it, this will help to bring in more income and try to make the studio pay for itself. This can be done by offering portrait services alongside other photography jobs that come about. review charges for photography according to other competitors.

Contingency plan.

if the above fails, then look for part time work to help cover my expenses whilst not working, eg. have already applied for part time work with Wilkinsons Cameras for the shop in Bury. (Did not get the job…. )

Things to consider within my pricing for jobs whilst remaining competitive to the market are (and this is not an exhaustive list):

Equipment cost

Equipment hire


Set building and or studio hire


Living Expenses

Housing expenses

Supplementary equipment costs (computer, mac, hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks,)

Printer Costs, both for printer and for paper and ink.

Membership Fees for professional bodies etc

Insurance, for both public and personal along with equipment.

SAVINGS! (for when work dries up for a period of time and you need to live off what you have in the bank)




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