George Shaw

George Shaw is another artist I found by searching the internet for artists to look at to research and gain inpsiration from for my own work, interpreting a mix of ideas to bring them all together into my photographs

George Shaw produced a series of paintings called my back to nature which fitted in perfectly with my own ideas and that of researching previous artists to what I wanted to produce in my work.


His work on this series shows the detrius left by humans in woodland environments where man made products and rubbish lay abandoned to make a mess of the land, this helped me with my work as I turned round this idea and went to produce my photographs of the woodland taking over from the effects of man upon it while thinking like Shaw, whilst in the woodland anything could happen at anytime to make things different.image.jpg.png

George Shaw is a Turner Prize nominee and has featured in Time Magazine.

For this series of work, Shaw had taken his inspiration from Giovanni Bellini and his painting, “The Assassination of St Peter, Martyr” from  around 1502. -fronts-N-0812-00-000065-WZ-PYR.jpg

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