Lens and Camera Hire

A topic that was not touched on in our seminars but one I feel important to add into here is the industry growing around camera hardware in the hiring of bodies and lenses.  The companies that provide this service can be an essentail way of a photographer getting hold of a lens they may only need for one assignment and means for the fraction of the purchase price, they can hire the lens and give it back, rather than buying and either keep it gathering dust or trying to sell on if it is a specialist type of lens.

Two of the best companies to use for this from looking on the internet and seeing who is mentioned and used the most tend to be:

Hire a Lens


this company deal mainly with SLR cameras and no medium format hire at all, though they do offer fujifilm X series cameras for hire.

and Calumet Rental


with Calumet being of the UK major camera retailers, they are able to offer a much more extensive rental service for your photography needs, with medium format digital cameras from both pentax and fuji available, alongside DSLR’s from Nikon and Canon.


Other firms are out there such as Lenspimp and other more geographically based ones if you prefer to pick kit up and return it rather than rely on the postal services.

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