Live Project Module

For this module it had been agreed with my Tutor Richard Peregrine, that my work taking photographs of music events, work with Richard Tymon, and an event shooting a bonasai workshop would form my Live Project.  The reasoning on this comes from having done my Work Based Learning in a camera shop, there was not enough scope to form a major body of professional work, I am pleased that I have done it this way as rather concentrate on one style of work, with working for various people it has made it a lot easier to showcase the different styles of photography which I am capable of producing.

For this I have got in touch with bands via facebook and in person with some of those that I know, along with venues to produce photographs of them performing live on stage. The photographs are sent over to the band(s) promoter or venue within 48 hours each time, so to make sure the timeframe is still relevant from the performance from them, (99% of the time I make sure the photographs are with them the next morning)  Whilst doing this type of work, I have found that all the bands and promotors I have worked with have not had any problems with either my own work ethics whilst on the job, or the quality of photographs, this has ranged from the head of a major promotion and music management company (Conrad Murray of SJM) to smaller places such as The Blind Tiger venue in Bolton.  All bands and promoters have always thanked me for the work done, and promised to give me future work if possible.


My work with Richard Tymon, was to produce photographs of his exhibition at Thwaites Brewery stables for him to use as promotional material, Richard has thanked me for the photographs taken, and time spent with him doing more than requested by helping finish off the set building with him before the exhibition opened to the public.

The Bonsai workshop which I took photos at for Tony Tickle again I was thanked for by Tony as the pictures I produced on the weekend all went on to his own website for use and promotion of bonsai tree work.


Overall with this module, I think that the work I have produced is of a very high standard for use by those who have commissoned me to photograph.  Admittedly most of the music work is only used on facebook and twitter, but in these modern times, that is the shop window now for bands photos to be placed.  To not have a single complaint or need to re-touch any of the photographs by mentors I feel says a lot of how I work in a professional capability.

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